Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wobble Wednesday: Women of Bass

yeah, yeah, Mary Anne Hobbs, queen of bass, yaddy, yaddy, yah....
No disrespect to the BBC Radio 1 host, DJ and impeccable taste-maker, but here are some female producers making the music that is shaking up the dance floors across the world.
So, if you think bass-driven dance music such as dubstep is for a bunch of testosterone filled dude-bros, here's who your totally passing up!
PS...their hawt as well! What a plus



This emerging Australian producer landed on everyone's
radar when number one dubstep producer, Skream, introduced
her tune 'What If' to the world.
Skream then signed her next four tunes to his imprint Disfigured Dubz.
Benga, N-Type, Joker and Digital Mystikz are just a few leading artist all praising her work.

Trained as a classical pianist, South LA based TOKiMONSTA, decided
beats were more her foray. However, she has come to use this
background to create vast soundscapes and textures using, digital manipulation, dusty vinyl and live instrumentation.
She is part of the prestigious LA beat scene collective, Brainfeeder which feature the likes of Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Daedelus and Lorn just to name a few. Expect an EP from her soon mastered by Low End Theory and Alpha Pup Records owner, Daddy Kev

As the sounds of London continue to evolve quicker than you can slap a name on it, out from under comes this mistress blending sounds from funky, garage, and dubstep. As a result, only a label like Hyperdub could serve as a means for her output. Oh...and don't you dear dismiss her as a softy. Before she was making electronic music, she was drumming for hardcore and metal bands!

Also on Kode9's variant electronic label,
Hyperdub; single mother, Cooly G, runs her own night in
South London called 'The Producers House', drops her mesmerizing vocals on her own tracks
and continues to
push her unique tech / dubby style of UK funky,
...need I say more!

Subeena's musical background stemmed from another parents failed attempt of turning their daughter into a classically trained musician (her dad tried to get her to play the violin, piano...even sing Opera). This female now runs her own label, Opit, outputting things to her liking and also has releases on the legendary Planet Mu

Married to drum & bass producer, ASC, this woman is no stranger to the electronic music scene. She has worked years as a promoter within
the industrial rock and IDM scene. Deciding to
make an outlet for her own music, her and her husband now run several labels
primarily pushing the dubstep and drum & bass genre

Here are some other noteworthy mention females worth checking out...

Feel their estro-bass!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Don Diablo Remix) = Hype Track of the Week

Change it up a little this week with a nice melodic one. Epic synths and pounding bass hit you hard and leave you floating. Get this Don Diablo track plus his other works via Don Diablo @ Soundcloud.This is your www.tffkrwd.com & www.hypersonicradio.com Hype Track of the Week. Check it out in this Saturday's broadcast of Hypersonic Radio airing 06/26/2010 from 10pm-12am on 101X/101.5fm & www.hypersonicradio.com


Video: The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Don Diablo Remix)

"Don Diablo puts his spin on 'Swoon', the new single by The Chemical Brothers, and turns it into something epic that will set dancefloors on fire and keeps your iPod on repeat! Just remember to fall in love. Over and over. With this mix."

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wobble Wednesday: Hudson Mohawke

Hud Mo's tunes seem to have this stripped down element I enjoy.
They bring nothing but smiles to my face. As If I'm the kid again
on the street corner of NY jamming to the musician banging away
on the plastic paint bucket.

This unreleased tune entitled Snapdragon, was given away freely by bleep.com to promote the Sonar 2010 festival
taking place in Barcelona starting tomorrow. If you are so lucky to be there, congratulations! For the rest of you, live vicariously through this track.
The child-like pitched sample that seems to be saying "How long"
repeatively though out, I'm a sucka for! What keeps it interesting
Is how it shifts from the boom-clap, hip-hop vibe to a tropical funky beat.
download n' enjoy

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Hudson Mohawke - Snapdragon


Friday, June 11, 2010

Video: Plies - Becky

Can Miss Becky please raise her hand?

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Evil Nine - Ultimo = Hype Track of the Week

DIRTY! DIRTY! FUNKY! FUNKY! Nice new flavor of production coming outta Evil Nine! This is the long awaited first release on their new label "For Lovers". A floor killer as usual. Check it out for yourself... This is your www.tffkrwd.com & www.hypersonicradio.com Hype Track of the Week. Check it out in this Saturdays broadcast of Hypersonic Radio airing 06/12/2010 from 10pm-12am on 101X/101.5fm & www.hypersonicradio.com


Video: Evil Nine feat EL-P - All The Cash

Evil Nine feat EL-P - All The Cash, released November 24th 2008 on Marine Parade. Remixes by Alex Metric , Glitch Mob, Mumdance.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Decided to just post my yacht rock mixtape... Well I mean, I had decided to do that, but I had a huge mess up because when I recorded it I didn't really plan it out, I just kinda did it. So I decided to rerecord it and in true Merrill fashion in the midst of rerecording it I started messing around so it's a new mixtape... Kinda.

Anyways smooth sailing my friends.

Captain Nebula's Yacht Rock Mixtape by Sebastian Nebula

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wobble Wednesday: Lorn

Hello, hello.
I know I've been distant. I know I've been void. But I promise to fill
up the guts of TFFKRWD with bass again!

Today I want to express my excitement for the 2nd full length on L.A.s' avant-beat label, Brainfeeder. For those unfamiliar with the Brainfeeder collective, they're helmed by prime contender and Warp Records artist, Flying Lotus. Set for a June 7th release is the album from the only non-L.A. based artist on the label, Lorn. His album Nothing Else has a melodic, melancholy feel. Heavy analog beats, pulsating saw synths, all here to leave your eardrum drums buzzing. Fans of the boom-bap, dubstep and experimental electronic music can find their liking here. The track to the trailer below entitled 'Tomorrow' is what caught the ear of Fly-Lo to begin with. Left a little bonus tune below too which is not featured on the album. Make sure you cop it!

more MUSIC, dates, and booking INFO @ myspace.com/lornnn

Lorn - Soft Room

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand

Last year a friend said "Duck Sauce is going to fucking change the world." I didn't believe him until now. Barbara Streisand is the catchiest flippin' dance track I've heard in awhile.

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Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand